Partners in Education

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A list of our Partners In Education!

Griffin-Spalding Partners in Education serves as the bridge between the students of Spalding County and the business and civic community. Through this organization, schools are given access to the wealth of resources and services in the private sector while businesses, civic organizations and other groups have a venue to help in the community as well as build their image in the community through recognition from the schools.

The purpose of the Griffin-Spalding Partners in Education is to improve the quality of education for all students in the Griffin-Spalding County School System. Begun in 1982, the organization has grown to over 195 partners.

Board of Directors

Appointed by:
Griffin-Spalding Board of Education
Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce
Grifin-Spalding Partners in Education

Jacyndee Anderson

Cheryl Matlock
Akins Feed & Seed

Stephanie Windham
Beck Owen and Murray

Lynn Akin
Rehoboth Road Middle

Lottie Harris
Jackson Road Elementary

Lou Baldwin
Retired Educator

Skipper Burns
Gordon State College

Jeff Jordan
University of Georgia Griffin Campus

Jim Smith
Griffin-Spalding County School System

Jim Ogletree
United Bank

Evan Stitt, Chair

Dr. Curtis Jones
Griffin-Spalding Co. School System

Bonnie Pfrogner
Chamber of Commerce

Judy Parker, APR
Griffin-Spalding County School System

If you are an organization/business seeking to start a partnership with
a school: Please print these forms. Contact the principal of the
school you wish to partner with to set up a meeting to design the
partnership plan.